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6th Annual Holiday Salon

December 1 15, 2018

yumart gallery is pleased to present our 6th Annual Holiday Salon, a selection of small works by gallery artists and invited guests including;
Dawn Mourning, Larry Dickison, Wayne Moore, Richard Bonderenko, Leon Rooke, Kuya Spirit, Beverley Rosenberg, Rocky Dobey, Tony Calzetta, Jerzy Galecki, Susan Sturman, Wayne LePage and Carol Barbour and others.

The gallery will have extended hours as we host the annual show and sale of pottery by Renata Podlog and woodwork by Meish Podlog from December 5th to 9th.

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Renata Podlog: Pottery is a lifelong passion for Renata. Having spent more than three decades teaching, exploring and experimenting, Renata has developed an ever-expanding repertoire of styles and designs. Each unique and personalized creation has key elements that she has become known for, like her signature twisted handles and extremely detailed decorative features.  Renata has also worked for more than 30 years doing restoration work from excavation sites in the Middle East, piecing together ancient pottery artifacts dating back 2,000 to 8,000 years.

Meish Podlog:  As a long-time worker of wood, Meish shifted from cabinetry to lathe work - - working in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.  Primarily using domestic woods gathered from backyards and the bush in southern Ontario Meish tries to maximize the visual impact of the grain, colour and structure unique to each piece of wood much like a sculptor searching for the hidden form in each stone.  For more than 3 decades, Meish also served as lead negotiator for both Indigenous peoples and the Government of Ontario in seeking the resolution of land claims.


Holiday Salon

above: gallery artists and invited guests


above: select works by featured artists Renata & Meish Podlog

Works in the Exhibition

Holiday Salon

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