y u m a r t    401 Richmond St. West, Suite B20, Toronto, ON


June 2 – 23, 2018
Rocky Dobey: Counter-Architecture: Drawings From
The Future Past
Rocky Dobey in His Studio
Rocky Dobey, 2018

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The Planet, 2018,A/P, etching, 28 x 20 in.

May 5 – 26, 2018

"My work is about drawing. The drawing is about images that are composed of shapes and forms constantly evolving from a highly personal visual vocabulary which started with subconscious doodling and automatic drawing and later from more conscience visual influences. My work can be viewed as “abstract funnies” or “surreal cartoons” which fit somewhere between high art and popular culture. Visually ambiguous to perspective and composition as a result of total disinterest to formal rules. My interest is with image as image and I believe in letting the viewer interpret and create his or her own narrative." Tony Calzetta 2018

Tony Calzetta 2018

Tony in his Studio, 2018

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Grim & Grin Story #960

Jack was terribly disappointed
in the result of the
Magic Art Beans
he received from the
Famous Art Guys Art School

April 7 – 28, 2018

Peter Templeman: Recent Works on Paper and Canvas.
"Paul Klee said drawing is taking a line for a walk. My drawings reflect a range of ideas developed from my relationship with the subconscious. My paintings continue this process through layering and surface build-up." Peter Templeman March 2018

Peter Templeman 2018

Peter Templeman, 2018

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Peter Templeman, Free Paint, 2017, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 in.

March 3 – 24, 2018

Christopher Kier - Site Redux

"These new encaustic/mixed media works on canvas continue my explorations of
'Site'... a reoccurring theme in my practice for over a decade.
These images examine the ongoing relationship of “us” in relation to the
natural / man-made scape.
Past and present, the “architectural” imprint we evoke...with both abandonment and gentrification are subjects pondered through this series.
Christopher Kier (Feb 2018)

Christopher Kier - Studio 2018

Christopher Kier, 2018

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                                                        Kier 2018

Christopher Kier, Site Series 2018-Study II, 2018, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36" x 36"

February 3 – 24, 2018

Kathryn Bemrose | A Manner of Speaking

"A completed composition always leaves a question. And so I go to the next painting in answering the last one however it inevitably comes up with a new question. Before you know it, there is a body of work asking and answering ad infinitum. The last painting always leaves an unanswered question." Kathryn Bemrose, Toronto 2017

            Kathryn Bemrose in her studio, 2017

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Kathryn Bemrose, Miss-Manners, 2017, oil on canvas, 14x14inches

January 6 – 27, 2018

- gallery artists – works on paper

yumart gallery is pleased to present "Enticement", an exhibition of works on paper by gallery artists Alice Burton, Robert Chandler, Deirdre Tara Whelan, Tim Noonan, Lee Lamothe, Peter Templeman, Tim Deverell, Eugene Knapik, Erin MacKeen, Christopher Kier, Y.M. Whelan, Joe Rosenblatt, a.k.a. yum, and Seo Eun Kim.

The exhibition will consist of a selection of works on paper in different media including painting, drawing, photomontage, printmaking and illustration.

Lee Lamothe, Scream de Coupe, 2017, photomontage, 1of 3, 8 x 10 in.

November 4 - 25, 2017

Deirdre Tara Whelan & Y.M. Whelan -
"two sisters four"

An exhibition of new paintings and works on paper.

dream and shadow

wire and thread

to bind them to this world

Deirdre Tara Whelan, 2017

"I spent some time in Florida early in 2017 and fell in love with the quality of light and the subtleties of colour found in the sand, the sea, the shells – lazy days and quiet times with drinks, food, and family."
Y.M. Whelan 2017

above: YM Whelan and Deirdre Tara Whelan, Toronto, 2017

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Deirdre Tara Whelan, Shadow String Dream, 2017


YM Whelan, Medeiros Beach, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 16x16in.

October 7 - 28, 2017

Eugene Knapik
- Shapeworks

  "At some point after my last exhibition, I began to feel I had reached a kind of cul-de-sac in the studio. That vague feeling of restlessness about my painting did not come with a blueprint for the future, just a desire to change my way of thinking about image-making. One day I came across a wooden 5 in a junk store which quickly became the work called Slant 5.  I enjoyed its boldness and starkness, and the way it broke out of the expected picture plane. Slant 5 stopped me in my tracks and prompted me to question all sorts of assumptions I had about image making. The work in this exhibition is the result of that questioning. " Eugene Knapik 2017

Eugene Knapik, 2017.

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Earthbound, 2017, oil on masonite, 14 x 14 in.

September 9 - 30, 2017

Erin MacKeen 

"Monuments are reminders. They stand as markers of a moment in time and remind us of what mattered. They don’t need to be statues, or buildings, or plaques. They can be significant questions, or difficult choices, or a body of work that can’t help but reflect the preoccupations of now. My artistic approach may be to memorialize, but it is equally a surrender to all that is unknown. An evocation of the mysterious unfolding of things." Erin MacKeen 2017

2  Erin MacKeen in her studio, 2017.

Erin MacKeen explores a minimalist approach to new paintings and works on paper with a focus on the constellation of abstracted form, colour, layer, and light. She continues to play with a lexicon of familiar shapes and geometric forms. The resulting pieces foreground the relationship between these components and decisions; the ways they are complete in their solitude, but magnificent when they become a gathering.

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above: Encountering celestial bodies, 2017, acrylic on raw canvas, 12” x 12”

August 5 - 19, 2017

Summer Salon :
Curated by William Huffman.

Featuring p
rints, drawings and sculpture from the Cape Dorset Inuit Artists Inuit Art Collective alongside a selection of works from yumart gallery artists.

Dorset Fine Arts was established in 1978 as the marketing division of the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative. Located in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, the cooperative is unique for its focus on the development of the arts and artists in the community. Among the many initiatives undertaken by Dorset Fine Arts is the annual release of its print collection. Each year, since 1959, the launch of this original print compendium has been highly anticipated, particularly the stonecut and lithographic works. The cooperative proudly represents the many acclaimed stone sculptors and graphic artists who are responsible for the distinctive aesthetic created at Cape Dorset’s Kinngait Studios, the oldest art print shop in Canada. Sales and exhibitions of prints, drawings, and sculptures are generated through the Dorset Fine Arts offices in Toronto to galleries internationally. www.dorsetfinearts.com

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above: Pudlo Pudlat, Formidable Muskox, 1985, lithograph, 26/50, 22x30 inches

July 8 - 29, 2017

Alice Burton - The Other Shore

"There is a strong emphasis on colour, texture, line and composition in my work, with a concentrated focus on the landscape. Like many artists, my painting has been enriched by travel - Japan, England, the Yukon, China, Barbados, Italy, and Jamaica. The artistic expression of non-western culture, rich in iconography, pattern and texture has had a profound influence on my painting." Alice Burton 2017

Alice Burton 2017

above: Alice Burton in her studio,2017

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Night Watch

above: Night Watch , 2008, mixed media on canvas, 56x46 inches

June 3 - 24, 2017
Seo Eun Kim
A Filtering Medium - new paintings

"Source images are strained in order to separate visual texture from the whole. Human and non-human flesh become partially recognizable and fragmented, then sutured for the canvas."

Seo Eun Kim 2017

Seo Eun Kim 2017

Review: THE ART OF SEO EUN KIM - SUN NEWS MIAMI - Sunday, June 4, 2017 by Clifford Cunningham.

and ...

Lee Lamothe
New Works 2017

An exhibition of new photomontage works by
celebrated Canadian photographer and best selling author Lee Lamothe.

Lee Lamothe 2017 
above: Lee Lamothe in his studio 2017
photo credit: Lucy White

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above: Seo Eun Kim, Untitled Collage #2, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 in.

American Destiny

above: L
ee Lamothe: American Destiny, 2017
, digital collage, 8 x 10 in., (edition of 3)

May 6 - 27

Tim Deverell - 
Excess and Equilibrium

... paintings and works on paper

"Fragments of your own life becoming more minute, scattered into one collage whole, indistinguishable from banalities and trivia. Faces peer out which are not recognizable, sources lost, meaning torn apart." Tim Deverell 2017

TD 2017 

above: Tim Deverell 2017

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The Front Row

above: The Front Row , 10 x 8 inches, acrylic/collage on canvas

April 1- 29 - 2017

robert chandler : verisimilitude

recent paintings

"Chandler’s execution of geometric layers allows the paintings to evoke a sense of urban cityscape: not only of the aesthetic but also of the mindset of urban dwellers. Like in our busy city there is non-stop flow of stimulation in the painting, both positive and negative.” Sunny Kim, Art Toronto, Nov. 2015


Robert Chandler 2017

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Frail Nest

above: Frail Nest, 24x30 inches, acrylic on canvas

March 4 - 25 - 2017


"Toybox has been a series of recent work using children's toys that became metaphors towards a broader and darker meaning."
Claude Breeze, 2017

This exhibition will include three large works on canvas along with a series of signed, limited edition prints of all works in the series.

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                                                          Breeze 2017

above: Claude Breeze in his studio, 2017.

February 4 - 25 - 2017


new paintings

        Tim Noonan 2017
              above: Tim Noonan 2017

Review: Tim Noonan: Abstract Urban Nature at Yumart   by Jordan Fee  - In these paintings we see Noonan going above and beyond, achieving a level of abstract clarity that is uniquely his....

Read more »   http://www.artoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Artoronto_newheader.jpg

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Tim Noonan 2017

above: Garden Swoosh 2013, acrylic on canvas, 40x40 inches

January 14 - 26 - 2017

I n t e r l u d e


November 5 - 26 - 2016    

Peter Templeman
- In My Room - New Paintings

"There is a world where I can go and tell my secrets to, in my room, in my room. " The Beach Boys


"Improvisation draws from experience and knowledge to create, unplanned.
Spontaneity and playfulness combined with craft come together in the artwork.
Painting, like life, should be experienced.
The paintings in this exhibition use knives, brushes, oil colour and canvas.
Representation and abstraction are embraced." Peter Templeman 2016

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Painting #1 2015-2016, oil on canvas, 18x14 inches.

October 8 - 29     
Y.M. Whelan - Landscape, Portrait, Landscape

YM 2016

above: Y.M. Whelan, 2016

"The new acrylic on canvas paintings were inspired by a recent sojourn in Ireland - the semi-opaque jade green of the sea at dawn, the purple of the bones of the mountains and the grey moisture-laden quality of the ever present mist and rain. The title of this exhibition refers to the orientation of the works themselves rather than the content, although the works are definitely informed by the visuals of the landscape and the absence of people therein" Y.M. Whelan 2016

link ...
Y.M. Whelan: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape at Yumart by Elizaveta Mironova at ARTORONTO.CA



above: Whelan studio interior, September, 2016

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Sept 10 - October 1 - 2016
Eugene Knapik
New Encaustics and Drawings
yumart gallery is pleased to present our season opener: "New Encaustics and Drawings" by Canadian artist Eugene Knapik.

above: Eugene Knapik Clawhammer

"The encaustics are on shaped pieces of wood, built up in layers using brushes, knives and scraping tools. These images are layered up in a series of studio sessions, working on multiple paintings at the same time, such that ideas emerging in the various paintings inform one another. In these paintings I've continued to develop a personal or imaginary or interior painterly landscape."

Eugene Knapik 2016

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Eugene Knapik_Ahoy

above: Eugene Knapik Ahoy, 2016, encaustic on carved wood, 11 3/4 x 13 1/2 in.

August 4 - Aug 20 - 2016      


Group exhibition organized by William Huffman

This exhibition weaves together multiple streams of conversation between a range of aesthetic concerns. Featuring the work of 12 artists, this visual narrative explores, the possibilities of colour and the complexities of form, a fascination with the body, stark minimalism counterpointed by the opulent and how two dimensional practices can speak to the sculptural world. Largely a celebration of gallery artists Claude Breeze, Robert Chandler, Tim Deverell, Christopher Kier, Eugene Knapik, Lee Lamothe, Erin MacKeen, Tim Noonan, Joe Rosenblatt, Peter Templeman, Deirdre Tara Whelan and Y.M. Whelan, the presentation also features the work of late Inuit artist Jutai Toonoo. Represented by four stone carvings, Toonoo's truly unique brand of Cape Dorset expression infuses the show with a dynamic north/south dialogue. Sometimes introspective, other times bold, punctuated by moments of levity and containing ample contradictions, Summer Salon creates the space for a lively visual exchange.

William Huffman is an arts administrator, curator, educator and writer. He is currently the Marketing Manager with Dorset Fine Arts, a division of Cape Dorset's West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative.

Founded in 2013, yumart is one of only two commercial gallery spaces at 401 Richmond Street - the gallery represents a roster of 12 artists working in a variety of media.

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Summer Salon
                                                          2016 Lamothe

above:Summer Salon 2016 - Image: courtesy Cheryl Rondeau Photography

July 2 - 23 - 2016      

Lee Lamothe       


"Nothing vanishes. We aggregate. All is trace. Trace and particulate. The ending of one thing makes the birth of another. Begat begat and begat. We're the mad collages of each other. We are created of motes and orts. Cells and dust. Pixels, grains, specks, particles, scraps. We are of the decomposition of all that came before us; we are of shapings of what's to come. We are the soil of the future.  We are the mad collages of each other". Lee Lamothe 2016

An exhibition of new photomontage works by best-selling author Lee Lamothe.

Read the Interview with Lee Lamothe by Nika Teper at ARTORONTO.CA

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Lee Lamothe 2016

We are the Mad Collages of Each Other, 2016, photomontage 17 x 14 3/4 inches

Jun 4 - 25 - 2016

Deirdre Tara Whelan

yumart gallery is pleased to present  "Leviathan", an exhibition of new works on canvas by Toronto artist Deirdre Tara Whelan. Exploring archetypal imagery (the sea, baptism, emergence) and incorporating archival bookbinding thread and wire, Whelan creates delicate bas relief surfaces to tell the story of her dreams.

"I used to paint my dreams, now my dreams paint me". Deirdre Tara Whelan 2016

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The Net

The Net, 2016, mixed media on canvas, 18x18 inches.

May 7 - 28 - 2016       

Joe Rosenblatt    "Angels, Demons and Spirits"

Rosenblatt is a Canadian artist and poet who lives in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. His "line drawings, paintings, and sketches often illustrate his own and other poets' books of poetry. He is a winner of Canada's Governor-General's Award and British Columbia's B.C. Book Prize for poetry.

Born in Toronto in 1933, Joe started writing seriously in the early sixties, and in 1966 his first book, "The L.S.D. Leacock", was published by Coach House Press. Since then he has published more than a dozen books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, complete with his own illustrations.

This exhibition will include drawings and paintings as well as a selection of illustrations from his latest poetry collection "The Bird in the Stillness (Forest Devotionals)" published by The Porcupine's Quill.

Joe will do a reading from his new collection at the opening reception, and books will be available for sale at the gallery (cash only).

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Joe Rosenblatt Passion in Plumage

19. Passion in Plumage, 2016, mixed media on paper, 8.5x11 inches


April 9 - 30       

Erin MacKeen     "Two Februarys"

MacKeen continues to explore the delicate subtleties of line, form, and colour in minimalist abstract works on canvas and paper. Layers of hard-edge geometric shapes in carefully composed acrylic paintings play with movement, space, and surface tension. Oil pastels are used as the primary medium for works on paper that engage with similar concerns of composition in carefully ordered pictures that celebrate the constant comfort of rows.

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Erin MacKeen - Choices

Choices, 2015 acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 in.

March 5 - April 2

Claude Breeze

An exhibition of photo-based mixed media collage on printed canvas with  crayon, acrylic gel, and charcoal. Primarily smaller scale figurative images in a pictorial environment that are manipulated and transformed to challenge visual thinking and meaning for the viewer.   

Claude Herbert Breeze is a Canadian artist and Professor Emeritus at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is also sometimes known as C. Herbert.

Breeze has exhibited his paintings in numerous solo and group shows around the world. His work is found in public, corporate and private collections, including Canada's National Gallery. Among his works are several pieces of public art, including Spacing... Aerial Highways, a 300-foot ceramic tile mural at Lawrence West subway station in Toronto.

Breeze is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He was awarded the Queen's Jubilee Medal in recognition of his work and his contributions to the visual arts in Canada.


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Don't Forget Me

Don't Forget Me
2015, 27x19 inches, crayon, charcoal, on printed canvas


February 6 -27

Tim Noonan "Slipping Into Abstract"

The exhibition comprises a selection of recent paintings on canvas and works on paper which reflect an innovative exploration of technique and process as related to the objective and non-objective rendering of the picture space.  The works reveal an interest in developing the push/pull relationship between the figure/ground subject and the abstract manipulation of colour and brush stroke. Referencing juxtaposed aspects of both nature and the urban grid, the works display a highly focused energy and excellent colour dynamic.

Read online ... http://www.artoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Artoronto_newheader.jpg
Tim Noonan: Slipping into Abstract at Yumart by Meghan O'Callaghan
Stepping into Yumart's space at 401 Richmond you are drawn immediately to the far end of the gallery, where two large paintings hang both featuring a national icon, the Canadian goose, in mid flight. It is a fitting beginning ...(click on this ARTORONTO link to read the rest of the article). 

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Two Geese Return To The North, 2011 acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 in.

January 9 - 30, 2016


An exhibition of gallery artists Deirdre Tara Whelan, Robert Chandler, Tim Noonan, Y.M. Whelan, Peter Templeman, Erin MacKeen, Tim Deverell, Lee Lamothe, Eugene Knapik, Joe Rosenblatt, a.k.a. yum and Christopher Kier, showcasing works on paper, including painting, drawing, illustration, mixed media, printmaking and photography.

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December 5 - 19

Holiday Salon

Gallery artists Deirdre Tara Whelan, Robert Chandler, Tim Noonan, Y.M. Whelan, Peter Templeman, Erin MacKeen, Tim Deverell, Lee Lamothe, Eugene Knapik, Joe Rosenblatt, a.k.a. yum and Christopher Kier are joined by guest artists Claude Breeze, Tony Calzetta, Sheila Gregory, Brent Roe, Gabrielle de Montmollin, Katharine Bemrose, Richard Bonderenko, Dawn Mourning, Wayne Moore, Larry Dickison, Sunny Kim, Karen Miranda Augustine, Beverley Rosenberg, Robert Nowacki, Mark Gerula, Raffael Antonio Iglesias, Mark Isaac, Alan Glicksman, Alice Burton and Brigitte Nowack.

A fabulous eye-candy salon style hanging with 50+ works of art including painting, drawing, illustration, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

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                                                          Salon 2015

Holiday Salon 2015

Nov 7 - Nov 28

Robert Chandler
- "something happened"

new paintings, abstract and not.

In this current body of work, Chandler continues his exploration of line, paint and abstraction; figurative elements pit themselves against the non-figurative mark making that has been a consistent part of his art practice for three decades.

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Read the feature article by Sunny Kim :


Robert Chandler: "Something Happened" at Yumart
Through the title and the percussive musicality in his paintings, Robert Chandler showcases colorful abstract works that are geometrically distinct, and intuitively spontaneous ...

(click on this ARTORONTO link to read the full article).  

                                                          Shall Follow
Trouble Shall Follow, 2015, acrylic on Canvas 16" x 16"

... urban abstraction, and the follies of sport and war.

Oct 10 - Oct 31, 2015

Christopher Kier - camouflage
"... in this current body of work, entitled "camouflage" I continue exploring architectural iconography, along with my ongoing preoccupations with place, time, and detritus.
Intricate detailing from 19th and early 20th century buildings and monuments as well as design lines of mid 20th century dwellings, are utilized along with more primitive universal representations of refuge.
Juxtapositions of these computer manipulated 'remnants' with clean, enveloping linear housings create a dialogue which ponders the facade of architecture and its human connection.
The use of disguise in shelter, what is projected outward, and what is kept protected and hidden 'under camouflage', to me creates a reliquary, an echo, or imprint worthy of investigation."

Christopher Kier, 2015

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Christopher Kier at yumart Gallery, 2015

Sept 12 - Oct 3, 2015

Tim Deverell -
Collage Paintings

Deverell has been exhibiting his work since the early sixties, primarily in NYC, where he was living at the time. A member of the Arts Student League NYC, his exhibitions have been widely reviewed in such publications as Art News, NY Times, Herald Tribune, Arts Magazine and Art Forum. Returning to Canada in the seventies, he has continued to exhibit work in Toronto, Vancouver, and New York City.

As reviewed at ...


(click on the image above to read the article)

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10. Way Of Being, 2015, 29 x 17.5 inches, oil/collage on canvas


July 30 - August 8, 2015

Gallery Artists Group Show "Adios Amigos - Farewell to 101"

Selected works by gallery artists: Robert Chandler, Christopher Kier, Peter Templeman, Y.M. Whelan, Tim Noonan, a.k.a. yum, Eugene Knapik, Erin MacKeen, Joe Rosenblatt, Tim Deverell, Lee Lamothe and Deirdre Tara Whelan.

This will be yumart's final exhibition at 101 Spadina Avenue before moving to our new location at 401 Richmond Street West.

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Adios Amigos

yum art gallery - Street Level Entrance - Summer 2015

July 4 - 25, 2015

Lee Lamothe - Everything is Material

Using found imagery from magazines, posters and scraps of printed matter, Lamothe creates dark and mysterious digital collage. The resulting photographs are printed in a small edition of three each. With a nod to film noir, each image tells a
haunting and elusive story.

   Lee Lamothe 2015
Lee Lamothe - Studio Steps - 2015


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Tatoo Hand 2015

Lee Lamothe, Tattoo Hand, 2015  

June 6 to June 27, 2015

Peter Templeman - NEW PAINTINGS

This series of new oil on canvas paintings reflects an ongoing interest in improvisation and discovery through the manipulation of line, form and colour.


"This is the nature of abstract painting. It is open to interpretation."

Peter Templeman 2015

Peter Templeman, 2015    

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Peter Templeman in his Toronto studio, May, 2015.

May 9 to May 30, 2015

Sibling Revelry ...

An exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Deirdre Tara Whelan and Y.M. Whelan.

Sibling Revelry                            
photo credit: SpiteClassic

The sisters are back with a third two person exhibition showcasing new paintings and works on paper.

Deirdre Tara Whelan has been exhibiting in Toronto since 1996 after graduating with Honours from the Ontario College of Art. Her works combine a lyrical, delicate touch with fierce painterly mark making.

Y.M. Whelan, is a mid-career painter and has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout Canada and in the United States. Her paintings are defined by bold geometric compositions with overlays of translucent colour washes that create a surface constantly in flux - soft-edge/hard-edge paintings that move the eye forward and backward.

Opening reception Saturday May 9th, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
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D Whelan Installed

YM Whelan Installed

April 11 to May 2, 2015

Ways of the World
 an exhibition of new paintings by Eugene Knapik

An accomplished banjo and accordion player, Knapik is also an exceptional painter, with thickly textured and many layered works.

This series of new paintings continues the artists' explorations in colour, texture and composition.
                            Knapik 2015    Eugene Knapik, Ways of the World
 "Some of the painting titles (but not all of them) for this exhibition are from fiddle tunes. That includes the title of the exhibition, Ways of the World. It also includes Duck River, Whiskey Before Breakfast and Half Past Four. Don't You Rock 'em Daddio is from the chorus of an Old Time tune called Sail Away Ladies.
It's safe to say that most of these paintings were made with fiddle and banjo blasting in my ears.... Some of the titles don't fall into this pattern....I just made them up because it felt right." Eugene Knapik, 2015

  Click here to see works from the exhibition

Awkward Moment

Eugene Knapik, Awkward Moment, 2015, oil on canvas, 14 x 18 in.   

March 7 to 28, 2015

Richard Bonderenko / Wayne Moore


Wayne Moore is an award winning painter, sculptor, printmaker and instructor. He has been showing his work for 30 years and has had numerous solo and group shows.

Wayne's work is in corporate and private collections in USA, Holland, Japan and Canada.

For this exhibition Wayne will be showing a selection of unique monotype prints, ceramic and stone sculpture.

Richard Bonderenko was born in London, Ontario in 1950. He is a veteran of the London art scene, and accomplished painter. His art can be found in public and private collections throughout Canada and the United States.

For this exhibition Richard will be showing a diverse and eclectic selection of paintings, from this past
decade up to the present.

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Wayne Moore, Night Watch, 2015, 12x9.5", monotype


Richard Bonderenko, Studio Interior, 2015

February 7 to 28, 2015
Tim Noonan


This series of recent acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings on canvas and paper are interpreted from the fringe landscape. The abstractions are comprised of simplified shapes, patterns and enhanced colour to evoke both the mood and texture of a near scape with urban inclusions.

Click here to see works from the exhibition  

Above: The Grid Exchange, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 in.

January 10 - 31, 2015

Ghosts and Echoes

yumart is pleased to present  "Ghosts and Echoes", an exhibition of works on paper by Brent Roe, Joe Rosenblatt, Randal Gordy Lee, Y.M. Whelan and Larry Dickison.

Playful, mysterious, delicate, whimsical - a variety of ideas and themes explored through various mediums including pen and ink, mixed media, print and paint.

Click here to see works from the exhibition      Ghosts and Echoes
above: Joe Rosenblatt, Zen Bird, 2009

November 29th to December 20th, 2014

Light and Shadow

yumart is pleased to present Light and Shadow - an exhibition of small works from
gallery artists and selected guests.

Works in the salon exhibition include painting, photography, constructed objects and illustration by contemporary Canadian artists:
Deirdre Tara Whelan, Robert Chandler, Tim Noonan, Y.M. Whelan, Peter Templeman, Erin MacKeen, Tim Deverell, Lee Lamothe, Eugene Knapik, Larry Dickison, Wayne Moore, Dawn Mourning, Richard Bonderenko, Robert Schwager, Keli Maksud, Sandra Lewis, Brent Roe,  Christopher Arnoldin, Francisco A.G. Rocha, Gary Michael Dault, Karen Miranda Augustine, Randal Gordy Lee, Joe Rosenblatt and Breanne Craig.

Opening reception - Saturday November 29th from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Light and Shadow will be the final exhibition of 2014 for yumart, the show marks the end of year two for the gallery. yumart is delighted to announce the gallery will continue in this location for another year of what promises to be exciting, fresh and innovative exhibitions.

Happy Holidays, and an illustrious New Year to all! We will look forward to seeing you again when the gallery re-opens January 10th, 2015.

Light and Shadow

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Light and Shadow

November 1 - 22, 2014

Erin MacKeen - Imperfection

Continuing her explorations of colour and unpredictable palettes, MacKeen introduces fresh neon shades
to this body of new work. "Imperfection" is MacKeen's second solo show at yumart: a follow-up to her
successful exhibition of 2013.

Works in the Exhibition ..   Lying with J

Imperfection 2014   Pics from the opening reception - (Saturday Nov. 1st, 2:00-5:00 p.m.)

erin MacKeen - Imperfection - 2014

Erin MacKeen - Imperfection

October 4 - 25, 2014

Deirdre Tara Whelan

An exhibition of recent acrylic on canvas paintings.

Referencing both nature and metallurgy, Whelan's most recent abstractions are the stuff of dreams. Employing fragile lines
and the materiality of paint, she reveals a world of magic and wonder on an almost excavated surface.

Winner of the Ontario College of Art medal for printmaking in 1996, she has exhibited extensively in Toronto in many group shows and two person shows: this is her first solo exhibition with a commercial gallery.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday October 4th, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Exhibition will continue until October 25th, 2014

Works in the Exhibition ...


above: installation shot - Deirdre Tara Whelan - Unearthed

Sept 6 - 27, 2014
Robert Chandler -urbanity

Polite abstraction ... paintings, and other select work.

This will be Chandler's first solo exhibition with yumart and features a cross section of select works produced by the artist over the last ten years. Curated by YM Whelan. 

Opening Reception: Saturday September 6th, 2014, 2:00-5:00pm.

Works in the Exhibition...

Robert Chandler - urbanity

above: gallery view, Robert Chandler, urbanity, Sept 6-7, 2014

July 26th to August 16th, 2014

Summer Salon

yumart is pleased to present  the 2nd annual Summer Salon. The exhibition will showcase a diverse selection of painting, photography, installation and illustration from a variety of senior, mid-career and emerging Canadian artists.

Exhibiting artists include Isaac Applebaum, Christopher Arnoldin, Karen Miranda Augustine, Carlos Bique, Richard Bonderenko, Robert Chandler, Gary Michael Dault, Tim Deverell, Larry Dickison, Stephen Forsyth, Ashley Johnson, Stuart Kinmond, Eugene Knapik, Lee Lamothe, Sandra Lewis, Erin MacKeen, Mahmoud Meraji, Wayne Moore, Dawn Mourning, Tim Noonan, Brent Roe, Joe Rosenblatt, Robert Schwager, Peter Templeman, Deirdre Tara Whelan, Y.M. Whelan and a.k.a. yum. Also included in the salon will be works from the yumart permanent collection including Ronald Bloore, David Bolduc and Richard Gorman.

Summer Salon 2014

The Summer Salon featured an eclectic mix of art and artists.

June 28th to July 21st, 2014

The Larry Dickison Project with a.k.a. yum

"The Larry Dickison Project with a.k.a. yum" began in 2008, over copious quantities of beer and wine at the historic Cameron Public House in downtown Toronto. Discovering that they both had a love of, and a long history in illustration, Dickison and a.k.a. yum decided to create a series of works that would complement each other and possibly become something in the future...

Works in the exhibition ...

Opening Reception, Saturday June 28th, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

The Book

The exhibition will be highlighted by the launch of "The Larry Dickison Project with a.k.a. yum", a limited edition book to be published under the new yumart press imprint - the first of hopefully many more such publications to come.

The book is illustrated throughout with all the drawings in the show, plus more.


Monday July 21st, 2014 - 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Book is available for purchase .... $30.00 (plus tax)

above L-R: Larry Dickison Space Cowboy, 2008, ink on illustration board 8 1/2 x 11 inches,
a.k.a. yum On The Other Hand, 2009 ink on paper  11 x 14 inches

May 24th to June 20th, 2014

Tim Noonan & Lee Lamothe

Tim Noonan "New Small Paintings and Works on Paper"

Noonan's small works exhibition presents an exploration of several materials, mediums and modes of application. The show features oil on panel and canvas, acrylic on canvas, watercolour and ink on paper. The new works have maintained a scape feel which ventures into abstraction by the simplification of shapes and the enhancement of colour and equilibrium to suit individual pieces.

Lee Lamothe "RetroDigitalCollage"

Lamothe is a Toronto based writer/photographer. In this show he will be exhibiting a selection of his most recent photo based works. The new digital collage prints indicate a renewed intimacy with his subject matter that suggests a narrative that is familiar but foreign.

Works in the Exhibition ...

Tim Noonan, Urban Flowers, 2014, 16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas

Lee Lamothe, Untitled, 2014, digital collage print, 6 x 9 inches

April 26 to May 17, 2014

Eugene Knapik:
Paintings From The Lost Forest
Spanning a number of years, the works selected for the exhibition comprise a mix of both new and older works. "Paintings From The Lost Forest" provides a stunning and comprehensive overview of Knapiks' art practice.

Works in the Exhibition ...


The Sky Is Falling, 2013, oil on canvas, 14 x 11 in.

March 29 to April 19, 2014

Y.M. Whelan: New Paintings

The artists' first new acrylic paintings on canvas since the "Book of Dreams" exhibition at Fran Hill Gallery in 2012.

Inspired by vintage hand-tinted postcards of Celtic crosses in County Wicklow, Ireland, the works have evolved beyond their original source material, employing what Roald Nasgaard (Abstract Painting in Canada, 2007) calls
" Y.M. Whelan's tense geometric space, free paint application, and her entirely personal colour sense."

Opening Reception - Saturday March 29th, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Works in the Exhibition ...


Cake, 2014  acrylic on canvas  18 x 14 in.


March 1 to 22, 2014


New oil paintings created in 2013 and 2014 that continue the artists' explorations of colour, texture and form.

"I am becoming more interested in a practice that conveys a fluid state of becoming, reflective of my intellectual and emotional place. The later pieces in the show employ a more gestural approach than the earlier works, the sense of a search for freedom of execution through improvisation or action painting. I believe that my work describes a dialogue with my inner self, bringing order out of chaos." Peter Templeman

Works in the exhibition ...

As reviewed on Eugene Knapik's 27th Street Blog  

Bird, 2013 - oil on canvas - 19 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches


February 1st to 22nd

The Not Really For Sale Show
An exhibition designed to showcase the diversity and excellence of abstract art in Toronto, gathered over many years, both from commercial galleries and directly from the artists' themselves.
Highlights include historically significant works by important Canadian painters such as Ronald Bloore, Richard Gorman and Rita Letendre. "The Not Really For Sale Show" also includes works by David Bolduc, Jordan Broadworth, Alex Cameron, Robert Chandler, Tim Deverell, Katja Jacobs, Eugene Knapik, Erin MacKeen, Ron Martin, Elizabeth McIntosh, Alex Rdest, Rupen, Sakis, Dan Solomon, Peter Templeman and Deirdre Tara Whelan.


Click here for images from this show.
Richard Gorman

above: detail from Richard Gorman, New Light, 1981, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

photo credit: Jerzy Galecki

January 4th to 25th, 2014


An exhibition of drawing, painting, illustration and photography. Twenty-one  artists are presented in this randomly revolving January group show, ranging from emerging to senior artist status:

Eugene Knapik, Deirdre Tara Whelan, Tim Noonan, Erin MacKeen, Robert Chandler, Larry Dickison, Wayne Moore, Peter Templeman, Dawn Mourning, Richard Bonderenko, Y.M. Whelan, Robert Schwager, Tim Deverell, Sandra Lewis, Lee Lamothe, Stephen Forsyth, Brent Roe, Ashley Johnson, Jerzy Galecki, Isaac Applebaum  and Patrick James Wilkie.