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March 2 -23, 2019

Deirdre Tara Whelan "In The Crawl Space"

"Here is what I have
From this space I explore

I welcome you to enjoy
In the Crawlspace"
Deirdre Tara Whelan, 2019

Deirdre Tara Whelan 2019

Deirdre Tara Whelan, 2019

                                                          Tara Whelan

Deirdre Tara Whelan, Electric Wind, 36x24 in., acrylic on canvas, 2018

April 6 - 27, 2019

Alice Burton "The Pleasure Principle"

- new landscape and figurative paintings

Many artists marvel at the feeling they get upon regarding their own work, that some spirit came and made it when they weren't watching. Such a pleasurable sensation, putting all conscious thinking aside, just losing oneself in layering colours, creating texture, drawing lines dictated by the soul, then standing back, regarding. How did it happen? Is the act all the same, placing notes or words in succession, feeling clay under your hands, or the resistance of materials? A marvel. A joy experienced by the creator.  We must not be overcome by frustration or disappointment in the object's production. It is the act that is so pleasurably profound.

In this series of works I have concentrated on manifestations of beauty and joy in my daily experiences. Please share.

Alice Burton 2019

Alice Burton

Above: Alice in Her Studio, 2019


May 4 - 25, 2019

Erin MacKeen

June 1 - 22, 2019

Leon Rooke

July 6 - 27

Joe Rosenblatt and YM Whelan

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