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May 6 - 27

Tim Deverell - 
Excess and Equilibrium

... paintings and works on paper

"Fragments of your own life becoming more minute, scattered into one collage whole, indistinguishable from banalities and trivia. Faces peer out which are not recognizable, sources lost, meaning torn apart." Tim Deverell 2017

TD 2017

above:Tim Deverell 2017

The Front Row

The Front Row
, 10 x 8 inches, acrylic/collage on canvas

June 3 - 24 - 2017

Seo Eun Kim  -
A Filtering Medium - new paintings

"Source images are strained in order to separate visual texture from the whole. Human and non-human flesh become partially recognizable and fragmented, then sutured for the canvas."

Seo Eun Kim 2017

Seo Eun Kim 2017

and ...

Lee Lamothe New Works 2017

An exhibition of new photomontage works by
celebrated Canadian photographer and best selling author Lee Lamothe.

Lee Lamothe 2017 
above: Lee Lamothe in his studio 2017
photo credit: Lucy White

studio shot

above: Seo Eun Kim - studio detail

American Destiny

above: L
ee Lamothe: American Destiny, 2017
, digital collage, 8 x 10 in., (edition of 3)

gallery closed June 25 - July 6

July 8 - 29

Alice Burton - The Other Shore

"There is a strong emphasis on colour, texture, line and composition in my work, with a concentrated focus on the landscape. Like many artists, my painting has been enriched by travel - Japan, England, the Yukon, China, Barbados, Italy, and Jamaica. The artistic expression of non-western culture, rich in iconography, pattern and texture has had a profound influence on my painting." Alice Burton 2017

Alice Burton 2017

above: Alice Burton in her studio,2017

Night Watch

above: Night Watch , 2008, mixed media on canvas, 56x46 inches

August 5 - 26

Summer Salon : gallery artists and invited guests


gallery closed August 27 - September 8 

September 9 - 30

Erin MacKeen

We're all doing our best, 2016, acrylic on raw canvas, 12
We're all doing our best, 2016, acrylic on raw canvas, 12 x 24 inches

October 7 - 28

Eugene Knapik


Bloom, 2001, oil on canvas, 16 x 16 in.

November 4 - 25

Deirdre Tara Whelan & Y.M. Whelan

December 2 - 23

Holiday Salon: gallery artists and invited guest artists

2018  - To be announced.
TD 2017

td 2017

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