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May 28 - June 18, 2022

Two person exhibition commencing May 28 in conjunction with “Doors Open Toronto”.

Steven Laurie - Structures and Forms

– black and white industrial photographs

“My photography is an accretive body of work that captures and collects the physical traces of exchange between humans and their environments. Using a formal approach to composition and aesthetics, I photograph the outcomes resulting from utilitarian need, routine, compulsion, or idleness. 


Though people are largely absent from these photos, my work provides glimpses into ordinary human behavior, improvisation, and consumption through the markings and objects left behind.” Steven Laurie 2022

Steven Laurie
Steven Laurie, 2022

introducing new gallery artist Rupen ...

Rupen - Second Sight

– post minimalist painted sculpture

Rupen’s visual art is enriched by various interests including construction geometry, musical ephemera, sequential and chance formations. These ideas and others are visually distilled and presented to the viewer with a keen intention to redefine and/or expand the post minimalist, monochromatic and conceptual art practice.

It is Rupen’s intention that his works (with their subtle changes in colouration, form and visual random rhythm) will encourage viewers in seeing not just the artworks but in comprehending their visual world with an elevated and focused approach. This is his most personally valued concept.

Rupen, 2021



Steven Laurie, Hydro Towers, 2021, archival digital print, 1 of 5, 16x12 inches


Rupen, 9LX5C/orange, 2022, painted sculpture, 19x19 inches

June 25 - Aug 6, 2022

Gallery artists - "Unframed"

- select works on paper


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